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Alfred Landon History

Alfred (Alf) Mossman Landon was born in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania on September 9, 1887. He grew up in Ohio and moved with his family to Kansas in 1904 when he was seventeen. The move to Kansas was the result of the emerging oil and gas business in Kansas. Alf Landon became interested in politics and at the age of 27 became Montgomery County (KS) Chairman for the Progressive Party. In 1915 Alf Landon married and his father gave him the house at 300 West Maple Street, Independence, KS as a wedding present. He lived in the house until he became Governor in 1932. He became Governor of Kansas in 1932 and again in 1934. Alf Landon was the only Republican Governor elected in 1934 in the United States. He was the Republican Party presidential candidate in 1936. He retained ownership of the house throughout his presidential campaign and used pictures of the house in his presidential campaign literature. He died at the age of 100, October 12, 1987 in Topeka, KS.

Alf Landon's House

Alf Landon's house is located at 300 West Maple in Independence, KS and was built in 1904. He lived there for 17 years until he became Governor of Kansas in 1932. He continued to own the home and spent time there until his 1936 presidential campaign. He came to Independence on the eve of the presidential election in 1936, stayed in the house and voted the next morning. This house became a political hub for Kansas and to a large extent, the Nation during the 1920's and 30's. Political leaders came to Independence because Alf Landon lived here.
In the early summer of 2004 a large national drug store chain decided to come to Independence, KS. The square block they wanted to purchase included the Landon house. Several months of work and negotiations resulted in the developer purchasing the block and agreeing to give the Landon house to the Independence Historical Museum. This required moving the house to a new location which the developer agreed to pay for. The developer's contribution to the Museum was $102,000 which covers the cost of acquiring a new site, moving the house, and securing it at the new site. The house is in the process of being moved as of March 4, 2005. A group of people lead by Senator Derek Schmidt has agreed to raise the necessary money to restore the house. The new address will be 300 So. 8th Street, Independence, KS 67301.

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