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Landon House Updates

July Report

The handicap project being installed by the City is still in progress at the Landon Center corner. I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be completed. There have been two reconstructions on parts of the ramp system. I understand the grades were not to specifications. The permanent rails have not yet been installed and the landscaping has not been done. Maybe someday.

The upstairs bedroom that was sponsored by the Tucker family is now complete and the furniture is in. Thanks to the Tucker family for their contribution to make this room possible. If you or your family would like to sponsor one or more rooms, contact Norman Chambers or Sylvia at the Museum. (620) 331-3515.

The focus is now on setting up the first floor of the Landon Center for the upcoming Astra Festival. My understanding is the Landon Center will house a photo exhibit and there will be discussion activities scheduled with those that are interested.

The geo-thermal hvac system that was installed in the Center has never operated to our satisfaction. There have been several hvac contractors that have looked at it and either could not figure out the problem, or thought they could fix it. We had problems last week again and this time I called Russell Refrigeration & Heating Co., Independence, KS. They came out the same day and discovered that the unit's wiring was incorrect in some places. We had unusually high heating costs last winter. Rusty Russell said we should not have that again now. The thermostat was replaced with one that is designed to run with a variable speed system. Everything is working as it should. The really good news is Russell Refrigeration did not charge the Landon Center. He said it was his contribution to our effort and he knew we had already spent money without solving the problem. THANK YOU RUSSELL REFRIGERATION!

June Report

The Landon Center has a lot of activity going on right now. Preparations are being made to house a photography show during the Astra Festival. This should be quite a display. Donna Rothgeb is coordinating this event and is spending time at the Landon Center preparing.

The bedroom on the second floor is nearing completion. There was a short hold-up because of decisions that had to be made regarding the electrical wiring. That has all been worked out and everything is back on track. This is the room being sponsored by the Tucker family with Wilma Andrews coordinating for the family. The room should be completed in the next few days and the Tucker family is planning a walk-through about the middle of June. If anyone would like to sponsor one or more rooms, please contact Norman Chambers or Sylvia at the Museum. (620) 331-3515. We would be happy to talk to you about it.

If you have not seen the very large handicap ramp system that has been installed at the corner of the Landon Center you should drive by and see it. Work has been going on since January by the City. It seemed to be near completion about a month ago, but part of it had to be re-done because the "grade" on portions of the ramp was not correct. I believe most of this repair had been completed. The permanent hand railings are yet to be installed as well and the clean-up, landscaping and planting of grass. You will notice there has not been any yard work done at the Landon Center yet, originally we had planned to use this spring to do all of the yard work, but due to the building of this ramp and huge amount of work this required, the yard has been severely modified. Hopefully we can start this fall with new grass and other yard work.